With support from the European Interreg IVB WECAN project and the Arts Council of Wales, in late Autumn 2012, Valleys Regional Park, working with Mererid Velios at Celfwaith, put out a call for artists to work with us on this project.

Over 150 artists responded from all over the United Kingdom and indeed Europe. It would have been very easy to have chosen most of those who expressed a desire to be involved such was the high standard and strength of the ideas, but after a difficult and protracted selection process, we eventually picked ten artists to create works of art for the posters.

We also selected three of them to put on workshops for the campaign as well as one other artist whose submission had been very strong and had expressed an interest in undertaking workshops.

As you will see, we chose artists with a variety of styles, approaches and backgrounds. Some are very familiar with the valleys, others less so and in some cases, totally unfamiliar, which will give the project a breadth of vision of how the valleys are perceived.

The artists have finished their work, the exhibition has opened and we are about to take the project to its next stage with the art and posters being visible through the valleys and beyond….

Robert Macdonald

Sarah Abbott

Becky Adams

Philip Watkins

Gareth Hugh Davies

Tom Hammick

Mary Lloyd Jones

Robert Macdonald

Pete Monaghan

Harry Robertson

Alan Young